Hello! I am Sheng.

Guess what ...

You look extra beautiful today

On an unrelated note, I am here to chew bubble gum and I am on a mission build a robot named Jarvis the philosopher. I want to create things that move people. What about you?

I am a product manager for Sales IQ. I want to build and create things. I studied philosophy in my undergrad and I like art.

#Why I do what I do

I created this site to document all the things I want to do. All the things that I am passionate about, and all the things that I have done. I have a very crappy memory so I have to resort to writing them down, sharing with other people, and rambling on during dinner conversations. This is my space of reflection, presentation, portfolio and mental masturbation.

Sheng is aiite. He made some pretty good stuff. He is a good kid. His imagination is beginning to take colors, vibrant colors at this current age. Shengyu Chen, 90 years old, from the year 2081. He said with a grin. It has been a long time.

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Quiz App & Bot

This is still WIP but I am pretty sure that it will be awesome once finished. The idea is to make a bot that you can learn about things in a piece meal manner.

For other cool stuff that I am in the process of building, check them out in my workbench . It is apparent to me that I haven't built enough cool things to really impress myself but I am getting there.